Ride The River

Follow the river on this beautiful route that runs north-south through Minneapolis.

Where to ride

Check out the Nice Ride station map for additional locations and remember that the Single Ride and Day Pass are good for 30 minute rides at a time (one 30 minute ride, if you have a Single Ride pass; unlimited 30 minute rides in 24 hours for the Day Pass). Purchase a 30 Day Membership or annual membership to extend ride lengths to 45 minutes before accruing additional costs.

TIME: 1 hr 11 min
DISTANCE: 13 miles

A. Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Falls, Longfellow Gardens, Sea Salt Eatery, and more are quick walks from our Minnehaha Park station.

B. Lake Street & West River Parkway

Refuel at restaurants and coffee shops nearby or ride across the Lake Street-Marshall Bridge for a great view of the Mississippi.

C. Bohemian Flats

Imagine the village that existed here a hundred years ago, and take a rest before pedaling up the hill (you can do it!). More views at the top!

D. Nicollet Island

There are 22 Victorian houses on Nicollet Island. Ride past some (or all) of them before taking the path to Boom Island.

E. Boom Island

End point for a Paddleshare route and site for multiple events throughout the summer. Heading north to Stop E, you’ll pass Sheridan Veterans Memorial which honors Minnesota veterans.

F. Marshall Street NE & Lowry Ave

You can refuel at favorite Minneapolis establishments in the neighborhood before crossing the beautiful Lowry Bridge.

G. North Mississippi Regional Park

Starting point for a Paddleshare route and home to the Carl W. Kroening Interpretive Center, NMRP hosts numerous programs and activities for visitors.

See the interactive map below for more information.