Paddleshare Tour

Not afraid to get a little wet? Try bike sharing, but with boats.

Where to ride

Check out the Nice Ride station map for additional locations and remember that the Single Ride and Day Pass are good for 30 minute rides at a time (one 30 minute ride, if you have a Single Ride pass; unlimited 30 minute rides in 24 hours for the Day Pass). Purchase a 30 Day Membership or annual membership to extend ride lengths to 60 minutes before accruing additional costs.

TIME: 1 hr 30 min
DISTANCE: 4 miles

North Mississippi Paddleshare Station

Pick up your kayak at the North Mississippi Regional Park Paddle Share kayak locker.

A. Boom Island

Follow the Paddle Share instructions for the route to Boom Island. Return your kayak to the Boom Island Paddle Share kayak locker. Rent a bike from the Boom Island Nice Ride station is located by the parking lot off of the NE 8th Avenue entrance to the park. Follow the bike/ped trail out of the park.

B. 8th Ave NE/Plymouth Ave NE

Turn left at 8th Ave NE/Plymouth Ave NE intersection and continue on the trail until it intersects with Marshall Street

C. Marshall St NE

Turn left unto Marshall St NE and continue north to NE Lowry Ave. On the way, check out Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge for some tropical refreshments!

D. Lowry Ave NE

Turn left unto Lowry Ave NE and cross the river. Be sure to stop and take a pic! Once accross, turn left on N 2nd St which becomes Washington Ave.

E. Soo Ave N

Take a right onto Soo Avenue N then turn left at the bottom of the hill into North Mississippi Regional Park.

F. North Mississippi Regional Park

Return your bike to the Nice Ride station is located just south of the Carl W. Kroening Interpretive Center.

See our interactive map below for more information.