Single Ride

Great for spontaneous, one-way trips.

The Single Ride includes one ride up to 30 minutes, so it’s great for quick trips. See app for single trip pricing.

How to buy a pass

The best way to buy a pass is through the Nice Ride app. Purchase your pass, find a bike, scan its QR code to unlock, and be on your way in minutes!

Get the app

Extra fees

Ebike parking is free at Nice Ride stations, e-stations, and University of Minnesota bike racks. You’ll be charged $1 for parking an ebike at a public bike rack in the service area. Parking outside Minneapolis city limits incurs a $25 fee, and parking violations* may incur a $25 fee.

*Parking violations include locking the ebike to itself, private property, trees, signposts, or any other structures as well as blocking pathways, sidewalks, or ramps.

If you incur any usage fees, your card on file will be charged. The fee for a lost or stolen bike is $1,200.