Day Pass

The Day pass is perfect for tourists and visitors. Explore Minneapolis like never before – on two wheels!

Nice Ride is a fun and affordable way to get around the city. The Day Pass costs $6 and includes 30-minute unlimited rides in a 24-hour period. Use it to get to local attractions or take a bike out for a ride along the lake.

It's just like renting a bike but with more flexibility – you don't have to return it to where you started, and you don't have to worry about finding a safe place to lock it up if you want to stop for lunch, go to a museum, or explore on foot.

Want to take a ride longer than 30 minutes? It's just an extra $2 per additional 30 minutes.

How to Buy a Pass

The best way to buy a pass is through the Nice Ride app. Purchase your pass, unlock a bike using a mobile ride code, and be on your way in minutes!

Passes can also be purchased at any Nice Ride station kiosk. Find a nearby station on the System Map, then follow these kiosk instructions to buy a pass and unlock a bike.

Get the App

If you incur any usage fees, your card on file will be charged. The fee for a lost or stolen bike is $1,200.