Corporate Program

Interested in enhancing the health and happiness of your employees? Our Corporate Program is perfect for you.

Nice Ride offers a convenient way to get around the city, and it makes commuting to work a lot more fun. It's also a healthy and green alternative to other modes of transportation.

Enroll as a Corporate Partner today, and choose whether you'd like to offer your employees fully subsidized or partially subsidized memberships.

How It Works

Nice Ride offers a 20% discount off the price of an annual membership for your group. Employers contribute at least 20%, but you may reduce the cost for your employees more, just decide how much of the remaining cost you’d like to cover.

Nice Ride can help craft a program that works for your organization and budget. You choose how much you'd like to contribute for each employee or student. Each person in your group will have their own account and will be responsible for any usage fees incurred. Our marketing staff is available to help promote your program internally.

Corporate Memberships include an unlimited number of 60-minute rides. The employees are responsible for any additional usage fees that are incurred – for example, if they keep a bike out for longer than 60 minutes at a time.

Get Started

Once you become a Corporate Partner, Nice Ride is happy to run a tabling event at your company to make it even easier for employees to sign up. Please contact for more information.