Nice Ride Dockless FAQs

How do I unlock a bike?

Open the Nice Ride app and tap the "Unlock dockless bike" button. Then, either touch the top of your phone to the sticker on the bike or tap the smaller keypad button on the bottom right and enter the bike number (found on the bike frame, in the back near the kick stand).

How do I lock a bike?

To lock a bike at the end of a ride, push the lever on the lock down until it locks in place. You will hear one beep when it’s locked, and two beeps that confirms your trip is closed. You can also check on your app to make sure your trip is closed.

Can I use a dockless Nice Ride without a smartphone?

No, you'll need the Nice Ride mobile app to unlock our dockless bike.

What is a Hub?

A Nice Ride Hub is the only place you can park dockless bikes. Think of it as a parking lot, but for bikes! It’s blue sign and white lines on the ground distinguish it from classic stations. You won’t miss it!

Always be sure to return your dockless bike to a Hub. Bikes parked outside a Hub will incur a $5 fee.

What is the cost of a rental?

Same as our traditional Nice Ride prices: $2 Single Ride at the kiosk, $1 Single Ride in the app, $6 Day Pass, or $75 annual memberships.

If you’re already a Nice Ride annual member, you can use your membership to ride our dockless bikes!

Will bikes automatically lock if trip open for an excessive time while un-moved?

No, the only way the lock is engaged is by manually closing the the lock's lever.

How do I know I successfully locked my bike and ended my trip?

At the end of the trip, manually close the lock on the rear wheel to end the trip. This ends your ride and keeps the bike safe. The first beep means you closed the lock successfully. The next two beeps means you have successfully ended your trip.

Where should I lock a bike?

Dockless bikes must be parked at Hubs or a U of M bike rack. Parking at a Nice Ride dock or outside the Hub will result in a $5 out-of-hub fee.

What happens if I get a defective bike?

Open the app and tap the "wrench" button. You’ll be able to tell us what’s wrong, which will notify the system so we can take the bike out of service.