⚠️System Alert - Presidential Rally Temporary Service Closure 10/10

In advance of the 10/10 presidential campaign rally in downtown Minneapolis we will be taking stations and virtual hubs out of service within the closure zone due to security protocol.

Closure Area

Please be advised that the stations/hubs within this zone will be out of service beginning Wednesday, October 9th at 12:00 pm and all bikes will be removed.

Nice Ride Bike Valet Service

To help those whose commutes may be impacted by this closure, we will be offering a Nice Ride bike valet on 10/10 from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM at the Hennepin County Government Center Station (5th Street & 3rd Ave S). Guaranteed parking will be available during this time window.

Affected Stations/Hubs

11th Street & Hennepin StationN 2nd Ave & N 5th Street Hub
11th Street & Marquette StationN 2nd Ave & N 6th Street Hub
11th Street & Marquette HubN 7th Street & N 9th Street Hub
2nd Ave N & N 6th Street StationN 9th Street & Hawthorne Ave Hub
2nd Ave N & Washington Ave N StationNicollet Mall & 10th Street Station
2nd Ave S & S 3rd Street StationS 10th Street & S Marquette Ave Hub
2nd N Ave & N Washington Ave HubS 2nd Ave & S 3rd Street Hub
9th Street N & Hawthorne Ave StationS 5th Street & Nicollet Mall Station
Glenwood Ave & N 12th Street HubS 5th Street & S Marquette Ave Hub
Hennepin Ave & S 11th Street HubS 7th Street & 2nd Ave S Station
Hennepin Ave & S 3rd Street StationWashington & Marquette Station
Hennepin Ave & S 3rd Street HubWashington & Marquette Hub
Hennepin County Government Center StationWashington Ave N & Cedar Lake Trail Station
N 1st Ave & N 4th Street HubWashington Ave N & Cedar Lake Trail Hub
N 1st Ave & N 5th Street Hub

These stations/hubs will be back in service on Friday, October 11th at 12:00 pm. In the meantime, please check your Nice Ride app or online map for available stations nearby.