Hey, Minneapolis! Nice Ride is back for the 2021 season

Good news, two-wheel lovers: Nice Ride is officially back for the 2021 season! After hibernating through the winter, we know you can’t wait to feel the wind through your (helmet) hair. Thanks to our sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, for their continued support of bike share here in Minneapolis.

Now, here’s what’s been upgraded this riding season:

Annual membership, now with bike & scooter benefits

For $89, you get access to free, unlimited 45-minute Classic bike rides. You'll also get free unlocks and discounted pricing on ebike rides ($0.15 per minute) and scooter rides* ($0.34 per minute)!

Updated pricing

For non-members:

  • Classic bikes are $2.50 to unlock and includes the first 30 minutes of riding. If you keep a bike out for longer, it’s an extra $0.22 per minute.

  • Ebikes are $2.50 to unlock, then $0.22 per minute.

  • Scooters are $1 to unlock, then $0.39 per minute.

For members:

  • The first 45 minutes of Classic bike rides are included in the membership. Any trips longer are an extra $0.15 per minute.

  • Ebikes are free to unlock, then $0.15 per minute.

  • Scooters are free to unlock, then $0.34 per minute.

Nice Ride for All:

  • Don't worry, Nice Ride for All isn't changing. It's still $5/year with no unlock fees and $0.05 per minute for ebikes. Scooters not included.

*As scooters are permitted and made available by the City of Minneapolis.

​Parking etiquette 101

After a long off-season, a parking refresher is handy to remind you how you can help keep our wheels available and the sidewalks neat and tidy.

Please return Classic bikes and ebikes to Nice Ride stations. Only ebikes and scooters can be locked (using the locking cable) for free at e-stations or locked to any public bike rack within city limits for $1.*

Avoid locking ebikes or scooters to themselves, trees, signposts, private property, or other structures, and don’t block pathways, sidewalks, or ramps. Parking violations like these, as well as parking outside Minneapolis city limits, will incur a $25 fee.

COVID-19 updates

While our Classic bikes, ebikes, and scooters are options for open-air travel, we know that safety is still your main concern during COVID-19.

Nice Ride will continue to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health.

To help with prevention, we’re disinfecting high-contact bike and scooter surfaces every time they arrive at the depot, as well as high-contact surfaces on vans used to transport vehicles at the start of each shift. Nice Ride associates wear gloves when handling bikes, and are required to follow CDC guidance and wear a face covering.

We’re also sharing tips from the CDC on how to keep yourself healthy. Learn more.