Ebikes hit the Street!

It’s time to supercharge your ride! Nice Ride just rolled out a limited pilot of 50 pedal-assist ebikes so riders can experience the latest bikeshare has to offer. Ebikes are the newest, nicest way to get around — without breaking a sweat, and at no additional cost to riders during the pilot. Grab one today!

It's easy

It's just like riding a bike, but with a motor that amplifies a rider’s own pedaling power. The ebikes seamlessly integrate into the existing Nice Ride system and app — so riders can find, unlock, ride, and dock an ebike just like any classic bike.

It's for everyone

Calling all riders! No matter who you are or where you're going, ebikes give that extra boost to help you ride longer and explore more. They’re more accessible for riders of diverse abilities, easily handling hills and furthering riding range for an even nicer ride.

It's really fun

Riding an ebike is an experience unlike any other. Soar through the city. Take your weekend to new heights. Feel the wind in your hair at speeds up to 18 mph (woohoo!). You’ll feel like you’re flying.


1. Find a bike

Locate ebikes using the Nice Ride app (just look for the lightning bolt). Not seeing it? Make sure you have the latest version of the Nice RIde app.

2. Power on to ride

Press the power button to activate pedal assist and turn on the bike’s battery display screen. Make sure it has two or more battery bars and you’re good to go.

3. Undock and dock as usual

Use your member key or smartphone to unlock and park ebikes at any Nice Ride Station where they’re available.

Meet the ebike


This new, limited pilot features a different model of pedal-assist ebike than the one we’d previously planned to launch earlier this spring. Think of it as a teaser for our exciting Nice Ride plans in 2020! We believe ebikes are the next nice way to make bikeshare accessible to all, and we’re committed to bringing them to our city for Minneapolis residents to enjoy.