2019 Corporate Membership

Introducing Nice Ride’s new and improved Corporate Membership program for 2019

Is your organization a Nice Ride Corporate partner? You might be eligible for a discounted or free membership. Many companies, non-profits, and organizations enroll in our Nice Ride program to offer a great perk to their employees and members. A company email address or password might be required. If you have any questions, please contact us at corporate@niceridemn.com.

Participating Organizations

Why join Nice Ride Corporate?

As a partner of Nice Ride Corporate, your organization can offer fully or partially subsidized annual Nice Ride memberships to your employees or members as an engaging, fun, affordable and green way to get around Minneapolis. Research shows that employees who exercise regularly are happier and more productive, and by offering Nice Ride as a benefit you can increase employee satisfaction and improve your organization’s culture.


Nice Ride memberships include an unlimited number of 60-minute rides in a 12-month period. Pay only for the members of your organization who join through your account (minimum of 10).


Full Subsidy

$50 / membership




Partial Subsidy

$30 / membership




*The employees are responsible for any additional usage fees that are incurred – for example, if they keep a bike out for longer than 60 minutes at a time.

**A Non Profit discount is available for qualified 501c3 organizations.

Enroll Now

How It Works

Step 1: Enroll Your Organization

Complete the simple online enrollment form at niceridemn.com/corporateenroll. We will set up your account within 48 hours.

Step 2: Get Set Up

You will receive an invoice for the first 10 memberships, which will be due up front.

Step 3: Schedule your launch

Schedule a launch event at your office to announce this new perk to employees. We’ll send an ambassador to sign up employees on-site, provide giveaways, educate employees on how Nice Ride works, and share best practices on safe riding.

Be sure to ask us about the other benefits available at your corporate membership level including group rides and more!


Email us at corporate@niceridemn.com.

Nice Ride Corporate 2019 Terms and Conditions here.