2021 Season Close and Recap

Thanks for rolling through 2021 with us! As we pack it in for winter, let’s look back on how far we’ve come.

On November 1, Nice Ride will shut down for winter. There’s still time to get a few more rides in before we hibernate—check out our new Ride Guides for some ideas. With the 2021 riding season coming to a close, let’s look back at how much ground we’ve covered.

The numbers

Nice Rider’s took more than 214K rides on classic bikes and ebikes, riding more than 564K miles! In addition to spending more than 4.4 million minutes out in the beautiful fresh air, all of those trips helped Minnesotans reduce carbon in the atmosphere by 75 metric tons! On top of that, together Nice Rider’s burned more than 34 million calories -- that’s like riding the Tour de France 289 times. Way to go!

2021 highlights

  • Nice Ride For All became available for students receiving FAFSA and grew more than 10x to 915 active Nice Ride for All members.

  • Discounts on the per minute fee for scooters were added to Nice Ride annual membership benefits & Nice Ride for All benefits.

  • Community partners hosted 25 events to encourage new riders to try Nice Ride.

  • Conducted outreach events at The University of Minnesota in order to identify how Nice Ride can best increase mobility access on Campus.

Get ready for 2022

Though we’re closing for the winter, we aren’t about to slow down. We can’t wait to return in spring 2022 with more of everything we love about Nice Ride: stations, bikes, scooters, better parking solutions, and more opportunities for riders like you to join us. See you then!

*Calorie estimations are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or claims. The calculation is based on average stats of weight and assumed intensity of activity, not based on stats specific to you. This calorie estimate utilizes the formula recommended by the Compendium of Physical Activities and the calculation assumes (i) an individual’s weight of 176.9lbs and (ii) a consistent, leisurely paced biking speed of 9.4 mph.

*Greenhouse gas emission reductions is an estimate and is for informational purposes only. The calculation utilizes EPA data and LADOT’s mode shift survey to estimate emission reductions when riders opt for micromobility options. This estimate does not include emissions related to bike manufacture or disposal.